About AppQS

Company Profile

AppQS Application Quality Services is the specialist for bundling and tailoring its own services and those of our partners, so that our customers can rely on their mission-critical software applications.

AppQS is the portal through which our customers can access our extensive network in the region and off-shore, in order to obtain services and personnel for high-quality application development and quality assurance.

AppQS offers all in one: we consult and manage projects, we assist in building your quality assurance and management, and we offer the leading tools and services.

AppQS based on an agile business model: through flexible collaboration with our partners in Europe and North Africa we can always provide our customers with the most cost-effective solution.

AppQS vouches for quality, for customer service, for reliable applications. The communication with the off-shore counterparts is in German or English and in the same time zone.


High-quality development and quality assurance of software applications are part of the comprehensive application lifecycle management. Improving the quality is achieved through successful cooperation of professional teams using the latest methods and tools.

Our mission is to enable this professional collaboration in order to economically satisfy the highest demands of our customers.

Commitment, trust and quality are the basis on which we cooperate with our customers and partners. Fairness and continuous qualification are our principles of staff development. We are dedicated to quality!

Who we are

Prior to the establishment of AppQS we have gained many years of international experience in the fields of software development, quality assurance, project management and application methods – implemented in leading companies in the sectors of insurance, banking, logistics, automotive and in public administration.

Through our intercultural experience we can mobilize professional networks across borders and establish successful communication and business relations.