Your software applications are business-critical and must meet the highest quality standards. New applications are added and become part of business processes across boundaries of systems and organizations.

Your demands of business processes reliability is our benchmark. Our services assist you that you can always rely on the portfolio of applications within the framework of application lifecycle management.

We constantly augment our repertoire of methods: beyond functional and non-functional testing we offer Agile Testing, Mobile Testing, Cloud and Security Testing.

Quality Management

We manage projects for the development and quality assurance of software applications: key success factor is the goal alignment and the successful communication of professional teams using the latest methods and tools.


Software quality is an issue for professionals: We operationalize your expectations on the reliability of business processes and advise you on the basis of internationally recognized standards and procedures – in application development, quality assurance and the construction of appropriate management structures for application lifecycle management.


Ensuring software quality needs tools and environments: In our projects we use work benches and suites from leading manufacturers. We also help you to build a test environment itself and provide for licenses of our partners for on-site operation or as a cloud-based service.